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On March 27, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court, in Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company v. Beasley, No. 18-0469, decided ‎whether “an injured plaintiff had standing to bring suit against his personal ‎injury protection (PIP) policy insurer after the insurer paid the incurred ‎medical expenses pursuant to the PIP policy, but the amount the PIP insurer ‎paid was the negotiated rate between the plaintiff’s health care insurer and the ‎medical providers—not the medical providers’ list rate.”  The Court held that the insured plaintiff lacked standing because he was unable to allege ‎he had suffered any threatened or actual injury as a result of his insurer’s PIP ‎payments of the medical expenses actually incurred, rather than payment of the ‎medical providers’ list rates that were not charged to, or incurred by, the ‎insured.

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